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At Loco Steaks, our shipments are processed on Tuesday and Saturday. Loco

Steaks does not ship or deliver on Wednesday through Friday and Sunday

through Monday.


Loco Steaks wants to maintain the best quality; our products are individually

sealed in priority packaging with frozen prior to shipment. To help ensure your

order arrives in excellent condition; each order is shipped in a recyclable

shipper box, and packed with dry ice in a reusable polystyrene container.


Loco Steaks offers USPS priority shipping option. Total days to deliver is within 3 days after product ship out.


Example: Order placed on Wednesday will ship the Saturday for a total of 6 business days from Order Date to Delivery Date.

Order date Shipping Date Arrival Date
Monday Tuesday Thursday, Friday
Tuesday Saturday Monday, Tuesday
Wednesday Saturday Monday, Tuesday
Thursday Saturday Monday, Tuesday
Friday Saturday Monday, Tuesday
Saturday Tuesday Thursday, Friday
Sunday Tuesday Thursday, Friday